HOSETECH Vietnam Co., Ltd. specializes in importing and distributing pipe products, connectors, flexible hoses, specialized expansion joints and other pipe components. Hosetech products are supplied by the world’s leading brands such as Toyox Japan, NFK Japan, Nitta Japan, Pisco Japan, CDC Korea, … to ensure high quality, durability and international standards at a price. Being reasonable, fast delivery time, help customers save a lot of time and cost.

Hosetech Vietnam specializes in providing specialized pipe solutions such as:

  • Heat-resistant tube
  • Pressure resistant hose
  • Conducts food and drink pipes, complies with the Japan Food Safety and Hygiene Law; registered with the FDA (U.S. Drug and Drug Administration); Meets USP Class VI and RoHS2 standards …
  • Chemical pipes
  • Pipeline
  • Powder tube, solid
  • Liquid pipe
  • Painting pipes and solvents
  • Pneumatic pipe

Main customers of Hosetech Vietnam Co., Ltd.:

  • Semiconductor equipment manufacturing factory, precision engineering
  • Car factory
  • Factory manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals
  • The factory manufactures plastic products
  • Food and beverage factory
  • Criteria and objectives:
  • Providing optimal equipment solutions to customers.
  • Quickly respond to goods needs of customers.
  • Providing quality products and services at competitive prices.
  • Cooperate closely with PRESTIGE QUALITY manufacturers


  • We consider establishing a relationship of trust and customer satisfaction to be the most important.
  • Good quality, reasonable price, timely delivery, dedicated service.
  • Long-term cooperation and sustainable development.
  • Oriented development:
  • Building sustainable trust to become the most reliable and professional partner.
  • Becoming a leading supplier of hoses and flexible hose materials, accessories, components.