Heat resistant hose TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140

  • Product code: TSITH
  • Pipe diameter:9~25
  • Temperature:-30~140°C
  • Pressure: 0~1.0
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Status: Contact with us

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TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140 Hose is a heat resistant hose for pressure feed made of silicone rubber.
A heat resistant hose that has the heat resistance of 140℃ and can be used in hot water over 100℃. It is used for various heat resistant applications including piping for temperature controllers for hot water.

TOYOSILICONE THERMO 140 Hose has a special structure that prevents hose rupture and disconnection when using high-temperature fluids, and does not easily harden and has a longer life compared to PVC and rubber hoses, thus improving safety and productivity.*It is not for use with food products.

In addition to hoses, various dedicated couplings are available for higher safety and productivity.

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