Hoses for oil TOYOFOODS-S

  • Product code: TFS
  • Pipe diameter:25~100
  • Temperature:-5~70°C
  • Pressure: -0,1~0.4
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Status: Contact with us

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・ Best suited for food, beverage and oily and fatty food (non-phthalate plasticizer used)
・ Withstands bending/collapsing due to hard steel wire coil reinforcement structure and is ideal for vacuum transfer.
・ Has excellent oil resistance and is also ideal for oil-resistant piping for non-food applications.
・ Highly transparent and provides security in fluid verification.
・ Safe and secure due to its compliance with the Food Sanitation Act
※1and corrected RoHS2 regulations
※1 (Complying with Notice of the Ministry of Health and Welfare No. 52, 1951/Notice of the Ministry of Health, Labour and
Welfare No. 267, 2002/Notice of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare No. 201, 2006)
Working temperature range / -5~70℃




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