• Product code: NLF
  • Pipe diameter:19~25
  • Temperature:
  • Pressure:
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Status: Còn hàng

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A coupling for equipment and devices handling foods, beverages, chemicals and the like (TOYOSILICONE Hose Dedicated)

TOYOSILICONE FERRULE hoses are designed and machined by a hose manufacturer.
(Coupling cover: SUS304)

The hose and coupling are integrally molded with no bump between them, causing no liquid accumulation.
A hose coupling set that causes no liquid accumulation, prevents contamination, requires no disassembly cleaning, and causes no trouble such as fluid leakage and hose disconnection, helping improve safety and productivity.

Safe and secure due to its compliance with the Food Sanitation Act, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) registered product.