Soft plastic pipe Toyox

TOYOX is Japan’s No. 1 soft plastic pipe brand in terms of market share and ranks among the world’s top in quality. More than 25,000 factories around the world rely on Toyox products: Coca-Cola, Toyota, Honda, Ajinomoto, Meji, Shiseido, Asahi Kasei …


The exclusive blend of raw materials combined with multilayer technology, reinforcement technology, and connection technology has produced many product lines to meet all customer requirements: heat resistant pipes, oil resistant , chemical resistant, anti-folding, anti-slip, anti-leak, anti-stick, anti-explosion, anti-static, anti-microbiological, FDA, RoHS2, USP, MHLW


Toyox – soft plastic tube Made in Japan gives you safety, stability and convenience during production operation! Immediately contact HOSETECH – a genuine distributor of Toyox products in Vietnam for advice on choosing flexible plastic pipes and connectors with the optimal solution package Cost / Efficiency!